Robyn & Jim

Robyn and Jim got married at the top of the world—literally and figuratively.

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Julie & Eric : Rouxby Wedding Video {The Preview}

Preview of the Mayville wedding video.

{Still images here /shot at Brookside Farm, Louisville, Ohio}

Collette {& Brandon & Christie}

Collette is a bad ass little dog.  Brandon + Christie are her equally cool human counterparts.

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Hudson is a 7-year-old, 3-legged Great Dane with the kind of grace so many dogs have and so many people find elusive.  He’s got a cancer diagnosis too, but you’d never know it.  He’s a handsome boy, and a happy one, too.

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Julie & Eric

Images from Julie + Eric’s lovely wedding in the farmlands of Ohio. Beautiful folks and a beautiful day to be married.

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Apple Pickers {Roux & Prada}

Roux and Prada, Todd and I : a quintessential fall day in the heart of America.

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