Emily & Abe // Colorado Wedding

Emily and Abe are simply marvelous; they are the creme de la creme, the cat’s meow, the bee’s knees.

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Lacey & Jon // Ohio Wedding

A few snowy portraits from Lacey and Jon’s intimate wedding in the hills of Southeastern Ohio.

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Laura & Ryan // Wedding

Laura and Ryan said ‘I do’ on a frigid February evening in Colorado.  The snow on the ground and the chill in the air only made it that much more memorable.

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Leigh & Greg // Mexico Wedding

This one is near and dear to me.  Leigh is my cousin and most of these wedding guests are related to me by blood, which means there’s no denying the post-wedding dance moves.  So much gangnam style.

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Stephanie & Tyler : Denver Wedding

Here’s to the first wedding of the new year: Stephanie and Tyler’s urban nuptials in the first days of 2013.

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Cindy & Trey : Colorado Wedding

Cindy and Trey got married on the sort of Colorado fall day that is utterly unpredictable; thundering and spitting rain one minute, brilliant sunshine the next.

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Crystal & Lee : Ohio Wedding

Crystal and Lee got married at her childhood home, an estate in the Ohio countryside that, beautiful as it was, still didn’t compare to the way Crystal and Lee glowed.

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Jamie & Ronnie : Grand Rapids Wedding

On a blustery September day Jamie and Ronnie got married at a beautiful old barn just down the road from where Jamie grew up.

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Mallory & Justin : Ohio Wedding

Leave it to a pair of wedding photographers to have a wedding that pays due diligence to the visual : a vineyard with rows and rows of twisting grapes, big yellow orbs of balloons that float around like the sun itself, and every moment scripted according to light.

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Apryl & Nate : Ohio Wedding

A couple of portraits from Apryl and Nate’s Ohio wedding last month.

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Frances & Eric : Ohio Wedding

A couple quick favorites from Frances and Eric’s classically-inspired wedding at the Columbus Athletic Club.

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Mariana & Luke : Colorado Mountain Wedding

Mariana and Luke got married at the top of the world in a little Colorado mountain town.

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Shelby & Derick : Colorado Wedding

There is nothing I can say about how wonderful Shelby + Derick are that you won’t see for yourself when you look at these images.

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Grace & Brennan : Ohio Wedding

Grace and Brennan got married in a gymnasium in the church he grew up going to.  It wasn’t a fancy affair.

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Bryony & Craig : Colorado Wedding

Bryony and Craig met and fell in love while doing geology work in Africa.

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Colleen & Zack : Colorado Wedding

This wedding was so full of emotion; not just between Colleen + Zack, but from everyone around them.

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Christie & Brandon : Colorado Wedding

Christie + Brandon are both such dear people; I’ve been lucky enough to know them for years, and luckier still to get to know them better through photographing their engagement and wedding day.

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Deborah & Ben : Ohio Wedding

Deborah + Ben’s sweet wedding in the tiny town where they fell in love as kids.

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Lindsay & Andy // Ohio Wedding

Lindsay and Andy’s pastoral May wedding: a perfect blue-sky day, just on the cusp of summer, and a truly golden evening.

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Ghinda : Columbus, Ohio

A small selection of images shot for Ghinda, a super awesome new couture bridal line out of Columbus.

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Kristen & Andrew : Columbus, Ohio {Wedding}

It wasn’t easy to narrow down this selection of images from Kristen + Andrew’s wedding, and not just because it was a beautiful day and a beautiful couple.

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Rachel & Brandon : Denver, Colo. {Wedding}

Images from Rachel + Brandon’s wedding on a bright March day in Colorado.

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Melissa & Chris {Wedding}

Melissa and Chris had a really beautiful intimate ceremony followed by a heck of a party, with a few winter portraits sandwiched in-between.  Such a lovely winter wedding, and such lovely people.

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Racquel & Matt : Rouxby Wedding Video

Like a fairytale.

{Still wedding images here; engagement video here ; engagement images here and here}.

{Shot at Montview Presbyterian Church and The Oxford Hotel, Denver, Col.; Wonderful wedding planning by Emily Can at Table 6 Productions}.

Julie & Eric : Rouxby Wedding Video

Oh, the Mayvilles.

{Still images here /shot at Brookside Farm, Louisville, Ohio}

Robyn & Jim

Robyn and Jim got married at the top of the world—literally and figuratively.

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Julie & Eric : Rouxby Wedding Video {The Preview}

Preview of the Mayville wedding video.

{Still images here /shot at Brookside Farm, Louisville, Ohio}

Julie & Eric

Images from Julie + Eric’s lovely wedding in the farmlands of Ohio. Beautiful folks and a beautiful day to be married.

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Kali & Jason

I loved shooting Kali + Jason’s engagement photos.  Their sense of adventure, quirky mischief, and total adoration of each other was infectious.  Their wedding in Boulder was all of those things, times a hundred.

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Kate & Travis

Images from Kate + Travis’ wedding in Winter Park, Colo.

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Glorianna & Mazen : The Party

Glorianna + Mazen said ‘I do’ in the new Denver Courthouse and then brought it home with a multicultural dance fest reception at an art gallery downtown.  There wasn’t a body in the room that wasn’t moving, least of Glo + her new husband, Mazen.

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Glorianna & Mazen : I Do

Glorianna + Mazen said ‘I do’ in the new Denver Courthouse, tromped around downtown Denver in the late afternoon sun for portraits, clinked glasses for a celebratory Champagne toast, and then brought it home with a multicultural dance fest reception the next night.  It was utterly untraditional and completely apropos.

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