Fort Collins, Colorado

Elise & Ryan

It doesn’t get better than this: my little sister and my soon-to-be-brother-in-law.

When Elise and Ryan asked me to do some engagement photos of them I knew right away I wanted to shoot in their house.  I like to photograph people in their own spaces anyway; I think the contextual information of a home–say, the bison rug on your family room floor or the love note in the nook above your kitchen sink–will someday be tokens of a sweet, nostalgic chapter.  When I look at old family photographs I love observing the background of the photos almost as much as I love the subjects. After all, the background in those images was once our home.

These photographs were taken at Elise and Ryan’s house and at their favorite hiking spot, and while they were more gussied up than the average day-to-day, these are the things they spend their time doing: spinning vinyl, baking pies, cuddling with the dog, roaming the outdoors.

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