Rouxby didn’t start with a photography class or a well documented business plan or even with a proverbial light bulb.  It began with–silly as it sounds– a puppy, Roux (pronounced Roo) whose nickname has always been Rouxby (pronounced Ruby, it’s confusing, I know), and whose  nickname became the namesake of this company.  It seemed only fair.

What began as a quest to document other people’s dogs for them in the way I always knew I wanted mine documented has since turned into a full-fledged photography business, one that has required well-documented business plans and (many) proverbial light bulbs.  I have come to understand that all the reasons I wanted to photograph my puppy four years ago are the same reasons my clients hire me: it’s about documenting your story. We seem to inherently understand that our time here is brief, our most treasured moments briefer still, and that brevity makes documenting your story all the more paramount.  My job is to help you do that.